5 Meal Planning Tips

5 Meal Planning Tips

One of the best ways to keep to a healthy diet is by meal planning. Rather than worrying every day, or forgetting until the last minute and turning to a quick and unhealthy meal, follow these meal planning tips!

1. Make A Calendar
Making sure that everyone knows what’s to expect for dinner is always helpful at our house. This way if we are having pasta for dinner they make sure not to have it for lunch! Also, it helps us know what’s on the menu for the week when making a grocery list.

2. Start Pinning
If your family is like ours, you probably have 5 go-to meals that your kids are already sick of. Try new things, and get everyone involved in finding new recipes. We set up pinterest boards at our house where everyone shares recipes and we pull our menu from that. We try at least one new recipe a week and those which everyone likes makes it into our new go-to meals!

3. Have Themed Nights
This is fun for the little ones, whether it’s Meatless Monday’s or Taco Tuesdays they will be excited and it already allows you to know what to cook that night. We like to make our theme nights something fun like a Taco Bar or a Salad Bar. This way everyone can fix up their meal just the way they like it.

4. Shop One Day
With your week’s work of meals planned out on your calendar you can now make one big shopping list and not have to go to the store multiple times during the week. Your first couple of trips will need to include some staple items but as soon as you get in the swing of things you’ll have your pantry stocked and your shopping list shorter.

5. Plan for Leftovers
Double up a recipe once a week and have that be lunch one day. Making your meals be dual purposed allows you to cook only once for two meals. We know that not everyone likes leftovers but you can do what we do. We make ground beef one day, save half and add taco seasoning for Taco Tuesday’s and then take the other half and add it to our tomato sauce for pasta!

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