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Traditional Arepas – Ham & Cheese Recipe

A Ham and Cheese Arepa is just that, an arepa filled with ham and cheese. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; these babies will deliver a slew of amazing flavors to your taste buds!
Ham and Cheese Arepas are one of the simplest, yet tastiest, comfort foods. After your first bite of this crispy and satisfying snack, an extra gooey and savory taste follows. Leaving you wanting more! We show you in our how-to video below or in the step-by-step instructions, how you can easily prepare these yummy bits of heaven.

1. Prepare your Dough

Ingredients for the dough:
– A Pinch of Salt
– 1 Cup of Corn Flour
– 1 Cup of Water

First, mix in your dry ingredients in a large bowl before gradually sprinkling in the water. Kneed and massage your dough until it’s nice and smooth and forms a large ball.

2. Roll & Bake (with love of course)

Take portions of the dough that are about the size of your palm and roll the dough into smooth balls. Place these balls into your Holstein Arepa Maker. Then close your maker (it is normal to need to press down on the lid firmly) and allow your arepas to bake for seven to ten minutes, depending on how crispy you like them, we left ours baking for about 7 minutes.

3. Fill the Arepas and get ready for the best part!

Remove your golden arepas. Do this carefully, by using silicone tongs or a silicone spatula. With your baked arepas still warm and crispy, take your knife and cut open the arepas. Try not to cut the arepas completely in half; you should try to leave about an inch of the border still connected. Use your knife to gently scrape out some of the center dough, so that more of your filling will fit in the center. Take your ham and cheese, and fill the arepas to your liking.

Lastly, enjoy this amazing and yummy delight, which you prepared yourself in just minutes!

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