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Surprise Filled Cupcakes


There is nothing better than biting into a warm cupcake. That’s what we thought until we found these recipes which took our ordinary cupcake recipes and made them extraordinary. Who would of thought it could be this easy to fill your cupcakes with a delicious surprise?

You can watch how we spruced up our cupcakes or scroll down for more deliciously filled cupcakes.

1. Strawberry Fields

In our video above we just followed these simple steps and had a mouth watering recipe that everyone was raving about.


– fresh fruit – we used strawberries

– favorite ready to pour cupcake recipe


1. Pour your batter into the Holstein Cupcake Maker only half way.

2. Place your fruit into each of the cupcake molds

3. Fill to the top with batter

4. Bake for 5-7 minutes and enjoy!

2. Mocha Caramel Cream

This cupcake is heaven in your mouth! That’s if you are a chocoholic like us.

These cupcakes are made out of a rich chocolate cupcake recipe filled with a velvety cream filling.

For the recipe check out Easy Baked

3. Cookie Dough 

Oh how Cookie Monster would love these cupcakes! Just by dropping in a spoonful of cookie dough into your cupcake batter you have a finger-liking good recipe.

For the full recipe visit The Doctor’s Dishes, Desserts, and Decor