Spooky Dracula Doughnut

With Halloween just a few days away we just couldn’t wait to share with you these spooky treats we made with our kids.
With just a few ingredients we turned our favorite doughnut treat into a fun treat!

Watch us make them in this quick How-to video or scroll below for step by step instructions.


1. Gather your ingredients


– batter (your favorite doughnut recipe)
– candy (something round for the eyes)
– plastic Dracula teeth (we found ours at Walmart)
– strawberry syrup
– frosting

This is a very “what you have” kind of recipe. Use your favorite doughnut recipe or candy to spice things up a bit.

2. Bake & Decorate

dracula how to

Pour your batter into your Holstein Doughnut maker and bake for about 7 minutes!

Once they are ready allow them to cool for a bit then push your Dracula teeth into the top center of the doughnut. Using your frosting as your glue, place your candy eyes in place.
Then pour strawberry syrup over your Dracula Doughnuts to make them extra spooky!

3. Enjoy!
Saving the best part for last, sink your teeth into these treats!
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