Kid Approved Halloween Activities

It’s officially Fall and we have Halloween on the mind. Our kids love Halloween, which we never understood why because they hate being scared! We love it because it is a great opportunity for some family fun.
Here are some of our favorite Halloween activities to get the kids involved with.

Pumpkin Craving
Pumpkin Carving is a well-known tradition on Halloween. We know that sometimes it is difficult since if you don’t select the right pumpkin and you have to get your hands dirty. However, it is an amazing way to spend time with your kids. Here are some tips to making this experience memorable.

  • Choose the pumpkin (preferable large, ripe and smooth)
  • Make a pattern on the pumpkin with a marker or use a stencil
  • Cut out the top where the pumpkin was cut from the vine
  • Scrape out the inside (with a metal or ice-cream spoon)
  • Carve the pumpkin (this part if your kids are young you should provable do)
  • Light it up with a candle in the inside
  • Set your pumpkin out to spook your trick or treaters

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Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe: Snickers Blondies…Yum!

Our kids love candies and treats just as much as we do. The hardest part about this recipe might be getting your kids to the kitchen and having them hand over their leftover candy!

Boo Bowling!

This activity is very simple and entertaining for the entire family. All you need is a small pumpkin and paper towels. To make it an extra special treat add googly eyes from the party store.

Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch

After knocking on doors for candy our little ones are hot and tiered even after the amount of sugar they have been munching down on. We like to offer them and their trick-or-treating friends a spooky recipe that is also refreshing. In this delicious recipe you just need lychees, blueberries, lime and some blueberry juice. Our kids ask us for Eyeball punch even when it isn’t Halloween, they love it!