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Healthy After School Snacks

After a long day at school our kids are always looking for something to eat the second that they get home. To help avoid them digging into the cookie jar or grabbing whatever they find in the pantry we try to prepare quick and easy snacks for them.

Here are our top 3 favorites! Tell us what your favorite snacks are at

1. Apple Quesadillas

We found this sweet & savory recipe on and switched it up a little bit. We like to take green apples and slice them into thin wedges and then slice up some brie. We place it in our tortilla and press it into the skillet until the brie is nice and melted.

You can try and endless amount of fruit & cheese combinations. This is great for personalizing every bite.

 2. Peach Pops

You need to plan ahead with these but they just take 10 minutes to prep and then you can freeze them overnight or while the kids are off at school.

These pops are one of there favorites, especially on Wednesdays when they stay afterschool for soccer practice. These are so light and refreshing!

Thanks Family Care for the recipe.

3. Pear Pinwheels

Sometimes we are feeding the entire car pool a snack and this recipe is a quick and easy crowd pleasure.

We take a sharp knife and cut the wheel into about inch wide slices so that they are more “bite-sized”.

Here is the recipe for you!