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Grab & Go Ham & Cheese Pocket Recipe

Between picking one up at soccer practice and dropping off the other at ballet, it is no wonder that fast food seems like a quick and easy life savor.

With this easy we were able to get them a hot meal in their bellies while knowing what ingredients were in it and it only took us 7 minutes!

Our kids love Hot- Pockets, so this was a healthier alternative to their favorite dinner on the go!

Scroll down for step by step pictures on how to make this quick meal or watch our How To Video here.

1. Gather your ingredients

All you’ll need is:

– pre-made dough (we use Goya frozen empanada Discos)

– shredded mozzarella cheese

– cubed sweet deli ham

2. Cut & Fill

Cut your dough using your handy helper sheet included with your MINI Empanada Maker.  Then add a mountain of cheese and top with ham, you can add any other cooked ingredients that your kids like. Sometimes we add in some mixed veggies, and they never know the difference 😉

3. Bake & Go

Bake them in your MINI empanada maker for 7 minutes! Then let them cool for a few minutes before your kids are running out the door with these home-made hot pockets.

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