Easy Banana Crumb Muffins


Looking for a new recipe to try in your Holstein Cupcake Maker? Well, we’ve got you covered. Your Cupcake Maker isn’t just for making Cupcakes, you can also bake up a warm delicious muffin for an on the go breakfast in just 7 minutes.

One of our kids favorite is the Banana Crumb Muffin recipe. Its creamy texture is a subtle pick me up in the morning that everyone needs.

Watch the How-To video here or scroll down for step by step pictured instructions.

1. Gather Your Ingredients


– 1 cup flour

– 2 mashed bananas

– 1 tsp baking soda

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1 egg

– 1/4 cup oil

– 3/4 cup sugar

– 1/3 cup butter

2. Mix It Up

In a small mixing bowl mash your bananas. Then in a large mixing bowl mix your ingredients together and add in the mashed bananas. Mix well together!

We let the kids do the mashing of the bananas. They loved the squishy feeling 🙂

3. Pour Into Your Maker

Once your batter is ready pour the mixture into your Cupcake Maker, you can use liners like we did if you’d like!

These quick breakfast delights only take 7 minutes to get nice and golden!

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