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DIY Popcorn Mummy Hands

We are all about getting our kids involved with the tricks and the treats this Halloween! This week we made these super easy and absolutely adorable Popcorn Mummy Hands with them. They were able to help us every step of the way.

You can watch how to make this quick and easy treat or scroll below for step by step instructions.

1. Gather your Supplies

For this activity you’re going to need your Holstein Popcorn Maker, popcorn kernels, candy corn, and plastic gloves.

2. Pop your Kernels

Place a scoop of your kernels in the maker and allow them all to pop. This should only take a few minutes.
Once your popcorn is popped, you can add salt, butter or cheddar cheese topping flavors. The opportunities are endless!

3. Make your Mummies

Take a candy corn and place one in each finger spot in the glove; these will be your Mummy’s finger nails. Then fill the glove with as much popcorn as you possibly can. Filling the gloves with popcorn is our kids favorite part!

To tie off your Mummy Hands, we used twist ties, but you could use gift wrap ribbon or anything else you have around the house.

This is a fun and healthy alternative to handing out Halloween candy!

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