Profiteroles – Holstein Housewares + Cacao Art

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s the perfect time for baking delicious desserts! If you’re looking for a rich and mouthwatering treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, these Profiteroles made in our Cake pop Maker are the way to go! These French cream puffs or choux à la crème are a delicious pastry […]

Strawberry, Brie, Chocolate Panini Grill- Holstein Housewares + CAO Chocolates

We are familiar with a cheese tray with seasonal fruits, how about taking it to the next level and putting them between two slices of freshly baked bread with some chocolate? This time CAO CHOCOLATES @caochocolates showed us a sweet twist to one old time classic: a grilled cheese A grilled cheese panini consists of […]

Banana Waffles with Walnuts & Nutella- Holstein Housewares + Casa Gioia

The line between breakfast and dessert just got a little blurry with these Banana/Nutella waffles with a delightful walnut crunch. Casa Gioia @casagioiaus came to our Holstein Kitchen and baked us this irresistible breakfast or is it dessert?!  Homemade waffles are such a great treat and making them completely from scratch takes maybe 2 or […]

High Protein Cacao Brownies- Holstein Housewares+ Katheryne Cachutt

This time our kitchen smelled like a chocolate factory, thanks to Katheryne Cachutt @kabalance who helped us to bake these outstanding High Protein Cacao Brownies. WHO DOESN’T LOVE BROWNIES? We all do, but the only thing is that it is a hyper-caloric dessert, so how about some fudgy, chewy chocolate brownie with less calories and guilt-free? […]

Chocolate Dipped Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes-Holstein Housewares+ Ali’s Sweet Treats

Miami Local Ali’s Sweet Treats @alissweettreats joined us in the Holstein Kitchen to show us how to bake fresh seasonal strawberry cupcakes. These Chocolate dipped Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes were amazingly moist and ideal to surprise your significant other with a homemade treat. Who said Valentine’s Day is the only day to celebrate romance?! The recipe is […]

Vegan Vanilla Heart Waffles – Holstein Housewares + House of V

The House of V always has such delicious & gorgious recipes to show us how to prepare in our makers. This time she showed us how to make golden Vegan Vanilla Waffles in our Holstein Heart Waffle Maker. She also included a bonus recipe for a to die for berry sauce! Watch us make ours […]

Birthday Vegan Waffle Sticks Recipe- Holstein Housewares + Bettersweet

It’s always so much fun to celebrate a birthday & even more fun when you can make a equally delicious vegan substitute for a traditional cake. Bittersweet  whipped up a quick & easy Vegan Waffle Stick Recipe in our Holstein Waffle Stick Maker that needs to be part of your next birthday party menu! Watch us make ours or […]

Nutella Waffle Stick Recipe- Holstein Housewares + Patricia Daboin

Our friend & amazing chef Patricia Daboin from @PanPattyPan joined us in the Holstein Kitchen to whip up some deliciously easy Nutella Waffle Sticks in our Holstein Waffle Stick Maker.  If you ask us, Nutella should be part of every meal. These Nutella Waffle Sticks are so yummy & when paired with seasonal fruit like Patricia […]