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Back To School Recipe Ideas

As August creeps in our wheels are turning in our head, making mental notes on the back to school shopping list and grocery lists for school lunches. These recipes have helped us in the past make getting the kids back to school a little easier and the best part is that our kids were able to help us make them!

1. Lunch on a Stick

For whatever reason our kids LOVE to eat things on a stick: waffle sticks, kabobs, popsicles, you name it! This recipe idea from Taste Of home was just what we were looking for. Plus, it is something different than making them a boring sandwich.

2. Ham & Cheese Strips

Getting them out of bed and dressed in time to make the school bus is enough of a challenge. When we found this on-the-go breakfast recipe we were so happy! This recipe turns breakfast into a finger food so they can eat it on their way to school and make less of a mess in the back seat of the car.

Thanks Taste Of Home!

Ps. You can add some scrambled eggs in the strips too, yummy!

3. Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

So we know we said these recipes were for the kids, but this last one makes our mouths water. With just a few fresh ingredients these oatmeal bars are ready to go. We give them to the kids for breakfast and take some to work for ourselves as an afternoon snack.

The Pioneer Woman always has such great ideas!

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