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B2S Pizza Cupcake Recipe

Whether the kids are headed back to school or headed home from summer camp with hungry bellies, these super easy to make Pizza Cupcakes are a family favorite. You can get the kids involved in the baking and they can mix and match their favorite toppings.

These individual sized Pizza Cupcakes bake in 10 minutes and the best part is that they are a much healthier alternative since you can control all the ingredients.

For the How-To video watch here or scroll below for our step by step pictured guide.

1. Gather Your Ingredients

– Pre-made pizza dough

– Shredded mozzarella cheese

– Toppings (we used mini pepperonis)

– Pizza Sauce

We used the Holstein Pie Maker’s pie cutter to cut our pizza dough into small circles, it was the perfect size!

2. Place & Bake

With your Holstein Cupcake Maker still COLD you are going to press in your pizza dough. Then add about a tablespoon of pizza sauce, and your toppings.

Simply allow your pizzas to bake for 10 minutes.

3. Serve & Enjoy

With the use of a silicone spatula your Pizza Cupcakes will pop right out. The tomato sauce and cheese get really hot, ours were boiling! So, maker sure to let them cool in the maker for about 2 minutes before popping them out. Make sure you unplug the maker or else they will stay cooking 😉

We would love to hear how your kids enjoyed their afternoon snack. Share with us