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5 Thanksgiving Sides Recipes

Thanksgiving is a holiday for us to take time to say thanks. It is also a time for us to gather around the table, spend time together & share delicious recipes. Here are 5 recipes you should try this holiday season, PS. You could prepare them all in your Holstein Maker!

1. Hashbrown Potato Cups (Try them in your : Holstein’s FUN Cupcake Maker)

Thanksgiving isn’t complete unless you have a side of potatoes to go with that delicious turkey! Create a fun-sized savory side dish with your cupcake maker in just 7 minutes! They are even more delicious if you dip them in a chive sour cream.

For the full recipe click here ( )

2. Apple Pie Cookies (Baked in your Holstein 4 in 1 Multi Maker)

Give the traditional Apple Pie a break this Thanksgiving by trying these Apple Pie Cookies. Your taste buds will be more than satisfied & the apple pie aroma will still fill the house. Less time, & so much easier to whip up!

Get the recipe here (

3.Pumpkin Pie Crescents (We used the Holstein Empanada Maker)

This recipe is so good that you might just want to keep it as your little secret. We whipped ours up in just 7 minutes. When else can you have freshly made pumpkin pie at the snap of your finger? A thanksgiving favorite prepared so quick, it’s like magic!

Get the recipe here ( )

4.Parmesan Butternut Squash Gratin (Best if prepared in Holstein’s FUN Omelette Maker)

The perfect side dish for you Thanksgiving table is the squash gratin. Create individual portions for your guests in our Omelette Maker!

For full recipe click here ( )

5. Crispy Corn Fritters (Prepared in 7 minutes in Holstein’s FUN Cake Pop Maker)

These crispy corn fritters will taste even better with a maple chipotle dip. Yummy!

Get the recipe here (

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