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200 Calorie Chinese Omelette Recipe

Make the most out of the most important meal of the day with your Holstein Omelette Maker and this delicious Omelette Recipe. The combination of flavors in this recipe leaves your taste buds jumping for joy!

Watch us make our Omelettes or scroll down for a step by step pictured guide.

 1. Gather the Ingredients

– 2 cups of egg whites

– ½ tbsp of garlic powder

– ½ tbsp of onion powder

– 1 dash of pepper

– 1 cup of corn

– 1 medium scallion

2. Chop & Mix

Chop up your scallions and mix all your ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

3. Pour & Cook

We transferred our mixture into a measuring cup with spout for easy pouring! Pour your recipe into your Holstein Omelette Maker and allow to bake for just 7 minutes. Remove with your silicone spatula and enjoy!

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