Delicious Cupcake Recipes for 2014!

Households near and far go into full on Baking Mode during the holidays. From Apple Pies to crunchy cookies and moist cupcakes – there’s something to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. When the holidays are over many baking ovens are turned off until the next special occasion. That makes us here at Holstein sad […]

A Delicious Gingerbread Latte Recipe Perfect for the Holidays

Cold weather and warm coffee. The holiday season and Gingerbread. Some things just really go together! Here at Holstein we thought, “why not combine some of our favorite things about December into one magically delicious drink?” That is how the Holstein Gingerbread Latte was born. Today we’re going to share this special (and incredibly simple) […]

How to Make The Best Eggnog Coffee for the Holidays

Today let’s toast with one of the world’s best holiday drinks: eggnog coffee! Can you think of a better or tastier drink to go with your dessert (or to enjoy as a dessert)?   For the quick recipe just watch the video below (or scroll down for step-by-step instructions with pictures): This drink is sure […]

An Oh-So-Good Candy Cane Coffee Drink!

Tis the season for snowflakes and cozying up under the blankets. Stay warm and treat yourself to something oh-so-good with this Candy Cane Coffee recipe! It’s super simple and incredibly delicious.   Check out the video below or scroll down a little for step-by-step instructions with pictures!

How To Make Mini Cherry Pies in Just 7 Minutes!

Today we’re going to show you how to make a yummy mini Cherry Cream Pie in just a few steps! These tasty little desserts are perfect for one person or sharing with a friend!   The best part? You only need to bake these mini pies for 7 minutes! If you like videos you can […]

5 Creative and Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas!

Are you looking for some fun Thanksgiving dessert ideas to wow your family and impress your tastebuds? You’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find five of the yummiest and easiest recipes for your Thanksgiving dessert table! 1. Acorn Cookies This Thanksgiving wow the kids (and adults) at your dinner table with these tasty […]

The Easiest and Most Delicious Mini Apple Pie Recipe!

Are you in the mood for a really great mini Apple Pie? Perfect, we’ve got just the recipe for you!   Watch the video for making easy and delicious mini Apple Pies here or scroll down to see the step-by-step guide in picture and text format!

Halloween Cupcake Idea: Make Spooky Owl Cupcakes

Halloween is right around the corner and one of the most fun ways to celebrate is with tasty treats! Whether you’re entertaining your children or your friends, Spooky Owl Cupcakes are always a big hit! The best part? They are incredibly quick and easy to make (leaving you plenty of time to work on your […]

Halloween Cupcake Decorations: Witch Hats!

Are you ready to impress your friends, your family AND your taste buds? Awesome, because we’ve got a really great Halloween cupcake recipe to share with you today:   You can create a batch of these tasty Halloween Witch Hat cupcakes in five easy steps. Watch the video below or follow our step-by-step instructions to […]